About Me

Welcome to my page!! I am so happy you are here. I'm Rika. Registered Nurse. Infant and child sleep specialist. Founder of Dreamy Sleep Solutions AND most importantly mama to my beautiful daughter, Amalia.

She’s the main reason why I got interested in learning more about children’s sleep. Like so many of you I struggled with her sleep or lack thereof leading me to countless hours of searching on the net and reading countless books for the magic fairy dust that would help her to sleep. Sadly, I did not find it. 

What I did find, however, and what has eventually led me to go down the path of becoming a sleep consultant was one of the worlds best sleep training programs, and what a blessing that was! I feel so fortunate to have discovered the methods that I am now able to teach to the many parents out there struggling. I’ve learned gentle techniques to help your child not only fall asleep by themselves but to stay asleep. No longer do you have to rock, sing, walk, and drive etcetera for hours on end. Wow!!!

With this in mind it is my aim through my business to be a support and champion for families who are having difficulties with their little ones’ sleep.